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Why WestCorp?

As a smaller, specialized recruiting and staffing agency, we are much more flexible and accommodating to our clients’ needs. Our clients vary in industry and size and the barriers that they face can be unique. A one-size-fits-all solution would not suffice. We recognize the value in remaining agile with our approach to ensure we meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. We all have witnessed how quickly things can change, and we as a company are quick to adapt to those changes and support our clients in exactly the way they need

A Personal Experience

One difference between a smaller and specialized recruiting and staffing firm vs. a large ‘body shop’, is that our approach is much more personal. Both with our own team members as well as with our clients. This results in a smoother onboarding experience, much better retention and an overall greater success for both, the new colleague as well as the client.

We stay in touch with our people on a monthly basis to support them with any administrative and logistical questions and issues they might have and to help remove any barriers that may prevent them from doing the best job they can for our clients. Our clients’ team-leads are usually very busy, so one of our goals is to relieve them of some of their stress by being the first line of support for our colleagues on their teams.


What Positions can WestCorp help you source for?

We can help you source for just about any position there is, but here are some of the roles that we are frequently filling for our clients and for which we have the largest pools of candidates available:

  • Project Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • Reliability Specialists
  • Turnaround, Maintenance, and Project Planners
    • Experienced in e.g. Mechanical, E&I, Rotating, Mine Mobile Equipment etc.
  • Turnaround, Maintenance, and Project Schedulers
    • Experienced in Primavera, Prometheus GWOS etc.
  • Turnaround, Maintenance, and Project Coordinators
  • Material Coordinators
  • Execution Managers
  • Project Estimators
  • Project and Cost Controllers
  • Contract Specialists
  • Project Engineers
  • Mine Engineers
  • Specialty Engineers
  • Safety Coordinators
  • Project Administrators