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Consulting Services


Throughout the past 11 years, WestCorp has undergone a transformation, evolving from a predominantly "consulting" firm into a "people services" company, yet our commitment to the consulting approach remains. This means that even when we are primarily engaged in providing the right individuals to fill specific positions for our clients, our colleagues always uphold the consulting approach. Given that most of our team members are seasoned professionals in their respective fields, they take on the role of mentors and coaches, offering guidance to the less experienced peers on their teams. This mentorship not only fosters learning and improvement but also serves to enhance the internal teams of our clients, many of whom employ these junior colleagues.

Of course, we are also happy to provide actual Consulting Services.

In the fast-paced environments of turnaround, maintenance, and project departments within the industries we serve, it's all too easy to become engrossed in the day-to-day operations, akin to the lumberjack who is so focused on chopping down trees that they neglect to sharpen their saw. Sometimes, the most effective solution is to step back and take an objective look at the situation. We understand that this can be easier said than done, and that's where we come in.

At WestCorp, our Consulting Team places great emphasis on active listening, closely evaluating your current operations, collaboratively defining your goals, and jointly devising a path to success. We call this approach "hands-on consulting" because we are going to be supporting you at every stage of your journey. We remain with you until the newly adopted practices become a regular part of your routine, and real transformation is happening.