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Here is what some of our current and previous colleagues have to say about their work with WestCorp:

Johanna – Maintenance and Reliability Enablement Specialist

“My experience with WestCorp has been nothing but positive. They have an extremely competent and friendly administrative team, made on-boarding a breeze. Always ready with a smile and answers to your questions. From day one you feel welcomed as part of the WestCorp family and treated with utmost respect by everyone in the team - including the CEO Frank himself. I highly recommend WestCorp to anyone looking for a company that will make you feel part of something great.”

Kirsty – Project Administrator

“I love being part of a great team and enjoy our monthly safety meetings, newsletters that give us the latest updates, and suppers (thanks Frank) -It’s good for morale as some of us work all over the country.

Thanks to the team at the office who do a great job behind the scenes to make everything flow smoothly and are very friendly and approachable.”

Eric – Senior Project Manager

"WestCorp is an amazing staffing agency. They have a very good relationship with their clients so hiring response is quick. On-boarding is very organized with lots of information to help you along the way, and the ongoing logistical and personal support WestCorp provides to its consultants is the best in the industry. I’m very pleased to be working with WestCorp and helping its clients achieve their goals with safe and efficient project delivery and execution.”

Gary – Senior Contracts Specialist

"Process of Contract to Owner site was very well explained and effortless to implement.  Onboarding requirements were very well detailed and responded to in a timely manner. 

Monthly reporting / Invoicing requirements are well stated and remain on track. Day to day tasks have dedicated support, and monthly check ins to ensure compliance and satisfaction.

I would highly recommend WestCorp Solutions Ltd. to anyone looking for an Agent / Business Partner.”

Emad - Project Engineer

"It’s been a positive experience working with WestCorp from the interview until placed. The company got me the right job for my skill set. My salary was the right pay scale for my experience. My employment is out of Alberta and the company provided guidance to where I would stay. I am very pleased with the whole process, start to end.”

Chris - Execution Manager

"WestCorp has opened doors in my career that I would not have been able to open on my own. They are extremely professional and truly care about every member of their team.“